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Pukemarket, Spewmarket, Newmarket.

Whatever ya wanna call it.

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This is a community for everyone involved in the Newmarket Punk Scene!

This community is meant for promotional purposes. Plz feel free too add any upcoming shows , band info , Prices , available merch , Pictures , Directions , or talk about an awesome band or a set you loved . Plz Keep it positive and appropriate or it will be deleted. We have a wonderful scene , full of great bands and people so let's work together and keep it that way.
Cheers and respect Vax

Maintained by:
xfilthystitches AND cheapbeer4usall

If you love your town, please check out _newmarket
3 point stance, 3 wheeler, 4 barrel, 5 across the eye, 5 minutes to glory, 6 blocks from downtown, action, all hype, angry agency, authorized insanity, b.o.t.v., b.s. 101, behind the rows, bruiser brody, buzz deluxe, choas pukes, coathanger strangle, constable brennen, custom onion, dirty bird, downbelows, dumpchest, dying beliefs, element 67, endangered feces, ex tradition, excretion, eyes wide shut, f teams, fall of our own, for zero, fuckknuckles, grand skam, grinderrrr, hockey teeth, hoodrat, hostage life, i killed jesus, jerkbank, kankerface, king called madness, knuckle brain, krotch wrott, labrat, lazereyes, ld 50, lead the riot, leftover crack, legendary klopeks, lesser ethic, lifeblind, malice, marylins vitamns, milo, mob metality, model citizen, montazumas revenge, mooseclaw, mugshot, murdersquad, mute, not just noodles, notoriety, noxious facility, one way street, out of hand, overdose, phychoactvist, phychopathos, planet smashers, protest the hero, punchdrunk . bfg's, put to shame, randy, return for refund, ruccus, s.p.u, shag, sinkin ships, skat kats, spinecracker, srgt. homocide, suburban underdog, sudden impact, the agency, the amatures, the choad smugglers, the dissidents, the donuts, the fallout, the flatliners, the forgotten, the g men, the heatskores, the horribles, the innuendoes, the lives of many, the metaleddies, the mulligans, the no no's, the profanity, the shit fucks, the skallywags, the skidz, the std's, the thrashhards, the throwaways, the uninvited, true trout, uncle junkie, v.b.f., vanilla feedcake, wendsday night heroes, winkworth, yamahawk wolfcow